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  1. Where do I find a Certificate of Existence or Good Standing?
    To obtain the Certificate of Existence or Good Standing  Go to: then register. Sign into INBiz   Dashboard...
    Date Updated: 01/19/2017
  2. How do I change my last name on my Registered Nurse License?
    To have your name changed you must submit an official name change document such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree.  Please include your nursing license number with your request...
    Date Updated: 09/13/2011
  3. How do I go about getting started with the buying process?
    IHCDA recommends that you contact one of our participating lenders and ask them to do a pre-qualification. The lender will review your credit, debt and income situation and determine if you can...
    Date Updated: 12/27/2013
  4. How do I obtain a hunting, fishing or trapping license?
    You can purchase all licenses and stamps online at Licenses are also available for purchase at state properties, at the DNR customer service center in downtown Indianapolis and...
    Date Updated: 02/13/2014
  5. Do I need a permit to dispense alcoholic beverages if I am a clerk or waitperson?
    An employee permit authorizes an individual to dispense alcoholic beverages as a clerk in a package liquor store, a bartender, waiter, waitress, or manager in a retail establishment. You must be 21...
    Date Updated: 07/07/2008
  6. Where can I recycle?
    Date Updated: 05/14/2009
  7. Can I bring a child to visit at a Department of Correction Facility?
    Visitors under the age of 18 years of age must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian at all times while on facility grounds. Children shall not be left alone at any time while on facility...
    Date Updated: 10/01/2015
  8. Where can I get a copy of the Indiana alcoholic beverage laws?
    A printable, online version of the Indiana alcoholic beverage laws can be found here - A hardcopy of the laws are available in book form from this...
    Date Updated: 05/21/2009
  9. Where are the public fishing sites in Indiana?
    Where to Fish ( ) is an online map highlighting all the public fishing locations in Indiana. The map provides location, boat ramp availability, fees, if any, and...
    Date Updated: 02/13/2014
  10. Can an ex-offender visit a family member who is incarcerated?
    Visitors shall be asked whether they are or have been committed to the Department of Correction. Visitors who are on parole, probation or under the supervision of a court shall not be permitted to...
    Date Updated: 10/01/2015