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  1. How do I replace my Hunter Education card?
    Go to Click on "Replace Hunter Education Card". Enter EITHER your Name or your Date of Birth. DO NOT enter both at the same time. This overloads the...
    Date Updated: 05/20/2009
  2. Is my property eligible for the National Register of Historic Places?
    To qualify for the National Register of Historic Places, a property should be at least fifty years old and have significance at the local, state, or national level in at least one of the following...
    Date Updated: 05/20/2009
  3. What should I do if I find an injured or baby animal?
    Is the animal really orphaned? Every spring thousands of animals are born in the wild. With more and more suburban areas, young animals are increasingly born near humans and discovered without an...
    Date Updated: 04/27/2010
  4. How do you eliminate a nuisance animal on your property?
    The first steps in eliminating nuisance animals from your property is to try to exclude them from the area they are intruding. If exclusion isn't an option, you could try chemical repellents or...
    Date Updated: 04/26/2010
  5. How do I obtain Hunting or Fishing License (License or Record)?
    You will need to contact: Department of Natural Resources, Division of Fish and Wildlife @ 317-232-4080.  General infomation regarding  Fishing License or Hunting License or...
    Date Updated: 07/29/2013
  6. How much coal is mined in Indiana and how is it used?
    Indiana is generally regarded as one of the top coal producing states in the country producing between 32 and 35 million tons per year. Indiana coal is used primarily to generate electricity but some...
    Date Updated: 03/09/2010
  7. What kind of coal is found in Indiana and what makes it important?
    There are four major coal classifications : anthracite, bituminous, sub bituminous and lignite. Indiana coal is bituminous . Coal is generally characterized and priced based upon its different...
    Date Updated: 06/24/2009
  8. How can I participate in the review process on a new coal mine permit?
    Public participation is encouraged from the initial permit process through the actual mining of the coal and reclaiming of the land. Contact the Division of Reclamation (812) 665-2207, or toll free...
    Date Updated: 06/24/2009
  9. How can I get information for bidding on a restoration project?
    Information regarding bidding of Restoration projects is available online . You can also contact the Division of Reclamation Jasonville Office at (812) 665-2207, or toll free within Indiana (800)...
    Date Updated: 06/24/2009
  10. Is there oil and gas on my property?
    While oil and gas is found in many counties throughout Indiana, there is no way to determine whether it is present at any given location until a well is actually drilled. Drilling for oil and gas...
    Date Updated: 03/09/2010