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  1. Need Help? Have problems? Who do I call? What Agency? Updated
    The State Information Center is the single point of contact for the general public and businesses to find answers to questions relating to all aspects of state government.  Our goal is to...
    Date Updated: 01/17/2017
  2. What information is available on the case search?
    The website includes basic civil and criminal case information from courts that use the state's Odyssey case management system. Local courts are responsible for updating the case...
    Date Updated: 12/06/2016
  3. How can I find out if a court has issued a warrant for a person’s arrest?
    Unless a court indicates that a warrant is confidential, warrant information is available on the website. If a defendant in a criminal case that is included on the site has a...
    Date Updated: 12/06/2016
  4. How up-to-date is the case information on the case search?
    The case information posted to is entered by the local courts that use the Odyssey case management system. As soon as a record is updated by the local court, that information is...
    Date Updated: 12/06/2016
  5. Is full sentencing information available in case records on the website?
    If sentencing information was entered into a case record by the local court, then that information is available online, but only if the case (or any part of the sentence itself) is neither...
    Date Updated: 12/06/2016
  6. Are both original and amended charges and their offense types listed in criminal records on the website?
    If a Motion to Amend charges in a criminal case is filed and the court notes that in the case record, then the case record at will show both the original and the amended charges...
    Date Updated: 12/06/2016
  7. Where can I get a lawyer if I can’t pay for one?
    You have the right to an attorney at no expense to yourself if you cannot afford one in criminal and certain other matters, under the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution and the Indiana...
    Date Updated: 12/06/2016
  8. Where can I find Commission standards and guidelines?
    Commission guidelines are available on our website at the following address:
    Date Updated: 12/06/2016
  9. If an offender violates probation, is that information available on the website?
    Yes, probation violations are included in online case records at as soon as the court has updated the local case record. The website includes cases only from...
    Date Updated: 12/06/2016
  10. Does my county participate in the Public Defense Fund reimbursement program?
    A list of counties that participate in the Public Defense Fund reimbursement program is available at . Counties wishing to participate in the Public Defense Fund...
    Date Updated: 12/06/2016