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  1. Does the Supreme Court have forms for filing for a guardianship?
    There are no forms on our site for guardianship. A guardianship is a unique custody relationship and it is difficult to create a form that would satisfy the needs of everyone who needs one. If you...
    Date Updated: 03/17/2015
  2. Who in Indiana can have access to court records?
    All persons have access to court records as provided in Administrative Rule 9(B). Under Administrative Rule 9(J), court records are normally available for examination in the courthouse during regular...
    Date Updated: 03/19/2015
  3. What is a CASA and a GAL?
    CASA stands for court appointed special advocate. A CASA is a trained, community volunteer who advocates for the best interests of abused and neglected children who are involved with the child...
    Date Updated: 03/17/2015
  4. Why are dates of birth not included in case records on the website?
    The Indiana Supreme Court has set a policy that dates of birth will not be publicly displayed in online case records available through the website. One reason for this is to...
    Date Updated: 03/16/2015
  5. As an attorney, how do I update my email address listed on the website?
    Attorneys may update their email addresses as listed in cases on by filing an amended appearance or a change of address in any one of their cases in a county that uses the...
    Date Updated: 03/16/2015
  6. What are the requirements to become a GAL/CASA volunteer?
    Volunteers are men and women from all walks of life who have a variety of professional, educational, and ethnic backgrounds. Volunteers must be 21 years of age, submit an application and references...
    Date Updated: 03/17/2015
  7. What is the Mortgage Foreclosure Trial Assistance Project and how do I start one in my county?
    The Mortgage Foreclosure Trial Court Assistance Project (MFTCAP) utilizes trained facilitators and logistical coordinators to bring borrowers and lenders together to discuss all available options to...
    Date Updated: 03/19/2015
  8. Does my county participate in the Public Defense Fund reimbursement program?
    A list of counties that participate in the Public Defense Fund reimbursement program is available at . Counties wishing to participate in the Public Defense Fund...
    Date Updated: 03/19/2015
  9. How much does it cost for public defense in a death penalty case?
    It is difficult to anticipate the total public defense costs in a death penalty case, because each case is different. However, the hourly rate for capital defense attorneys (those who are qualified...
    Date Updated: 03/19/2015
  10. What kind of qualifications does the Public Defender Commission require for public defenders?
    For attorneys accepting non-capital appointments in a county that receives reimbursement from the Public Defense Fund, the Public Defender Commission sets standards for their qualifications...
    Date Updated: 03/19/2015