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  1. Where do I go for tax forms?
    Click here  to access Indiana tax forms on the Indiana Department of Revenue's Web site. To order by phone, call 317-615-2581 ( leave order on voice mail, available 24 hours ), or send an e-mail...
    Date Updated: 02/19/2014
  2. Can I pay the taxes I owe online?
    Convenient and easy to use, ePay allows both individuals and businesses to pay tax owed to the Department. Access ePay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and make a tax payment by Visa, MasterCard...
    Date Updated: 04/28/2010
  3. How do I know if I qualify for Medicaid (health coverage), SNAP (food assistance) or TANF (cash assistance) before I complete the application process?
    Use the online Screening Tool at    Click on " See benefits you might be eligible for"   or call the Division of Family Resources toll-free at...
    Date Updated: 08/12/2013
  4. I filed my Indiana tax return. I owe, but am unable to pay at this time. What should I do?
    If the amount of tax due is more than $100, the Department can establish a payment plan. The request can be made once your return has completed processing and you have received a bill for the tax...
    Date Updated: 04/01/2010
  5. My court order directs me to pay my child support to the Clerk or INSCCU, but I have been paying my child support directly to the custodial parent; do I have to pay the annual support fee? New
    Yes. Under Indiana Code 33-37-5-6, the $55.00 Annual Support Fee (ASFE) is to be paid when a non-custodial parent is court ordered to pay child support or maintenance payments through the Clerk of...
    Date Updated: 04/09/2014
  6. Where is my state tax refund?
    To check the status of your Indiana State refund online, click here . Or, you can call the Indiana Department of Revenue automated information line, (317) 233-4018. This line is available 24 hours, 7...
    Date Updated: 06/01/2012
  7. Which states honor my Indiana handgun license?
    There are currently approximately (28) states that honor Indiana's handgun licenses. Although the Indiana State Police does not track this specific information, there are organizations such as the...
    Date Updated: 11/25/2013
  8. How do I find the state form I need?
    First, check the home page of the State agency that will be receiving the form or asked you to fill it out. Agency homepages frequently link directly to useful forms for their customers. If you do...
    Date Updated: 12/28/2010
  9. I need more time to file my taxes and I think I will owe the Department. What should I do? Updated
    You may need to file an extension of time to file. You can do this by filing Indiana 's extension  Form IT-9 , or by accessing the Department's online ePay service . Look at Information Bulletin...
    Date Updated: 04/16/2014
  10. How do I apply for Liquor/Bartender License?
    The Indiana Alcohol Tobacco Commission (ATC) licenses and regulates the permits: bartender, waiter, waitress, salesperson and clerk associated with the sale or service of alcoholic beverages in...
    Date Updated: 07/13/2012