Why did I not get a state grant?

Published 05/12/2008 09:40 AM   |    Updated 04/21/2009 03:47 PM

Why did I not get a state grant?

Examples of reasons for not receiving a grant include:

- Grants are based on financial need and upon evaluation you did not show financial need for the college chosen.

- You didn't respond to a SSACI request for additional information by the May 15th SSACI edit resolution deadline.

- Your parents are not residents of the state of Indianaor if an independent student you are not a resident of Indiana.

- You are attending a non-eligible institution (Colleges and Universities Eligible to Receive State Financial Aid).

- You have a prior degree.

You may look at your state grant file online at eStudent, www.ssaci.IN.gov/estudent.

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