Where can I find a list of Indiana state animal-related laws?

Published 05/07/2008 09:38 AM   |    Updated 05/20/2009 06:25 PM
Where can I find a list of Indiana state animal-related laws?
The following list of links is a starting point for accessing the animal-related laws in the state. (This does not include city and county ordinances or federal laws.) Contact your attorney for additional information and specific legal advice.

Criminal laws relating to animals, IC 35-46-3
Animal health laws, IC 15-2.1, 345 IAC
Indiana veterinary practice law, IC 15-5-1.1, 888IAC
Horse racing, IC 15-5.2
Livestock killing dogs, IC 15-5-7
Dog tax, IC 6-9-39
Liability of the owner of a dog that bites a person, IC 15-5-12
Livestock brands, IC 15-5-14
Pigeons, IC 15-5-15
Livestock certification, IC 15-5-16
Animal euthanization, IC 15-5-17
Sale of dogs to laboratories, IC 15-5-18
Creamery Examination Board, IC 15-6-1
Fish and wildlife laws, Animal control, IC 36-8-2-6, IC 36-8-3-18
Blacksmith's Lien, IC 32-33-1
Liveryman's Lien, IC 32-33-8
Fence laws, IC 32-26

If you know of others that should be added to this list, contact the webmaster with your suggestion at animalhealth@boah.state.in.us
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