How do you eliminate a nuisance animal on your property?

Published 04/22/2008 12:49 PM   |    Updated 04/26/2010 02:47 PM

How do you eliminate a nuisance animal on your property?

The first steps in eliminating nuisance animals from your property is to try to exclude them from the area they are intruding. If exclusion isn't an option, you could try chemical repellents or habitat modification. There are also animal removal companies available that will trap and relocate nuisance animals. If you are interested in these companies, look in the yellow pages under animal removal services or visit and click on the Nuisance Wildlife link to find more information.

In some instances certain animals do not respond to the non-lethal means of control. In these circumstances, there are ways you can use lethal means to remove a nuisance animal from your property. There are certain procedures to follow but if the correct steps are followed, the animal can be removed without a permit.

A resident landowner or tenant may take, without a permit, a coyote, beaver, mink, muskrat, long-tailed weasel, red fox, gray fox, opossum, skunk, or raccoon that is discovered damaging property; you must report the taking of the animal to a conservation officer within 72 hours. The conservation officer will direct how to dispose of the animal. Landowners may take coyotes at any time on the land they own or provide written permission for others to take coyotes on their land at any time. Ground hogs (woodchucks) may be taken at any time using any equipment. Please check local ordinances to assure you are not breaking local laws.



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