What can I do if I missed the deadline to file for my tax deduction?

Published 04/14/2008 07:35 AM   |    Updated 10/02/2013 02:46 PM

What can I do if I missed the deadline to file for my tax deduction?

If you missed the deadline to file for a tax deduction, you may still be eligible to apply for the deduction in the following tax year.

To file for the Homestead Deduction or another deduction, contact your county auditor, who can also advise if you have already filed. To locate your local officials, please see http://www.in.gov/dlgf/2440.htm. You may also visit the Department of Local Government Finance website for application forms and information about eligibility and application requirements: http://www.in.gov/dlgf/2344.htm.

If you believe that you were erroneously denied a deduction for which you are eligible, you may file a Form 133 "Petition for Correction of an Error." This form may only be used to correct the following types of errors:

• The taxes are illegal as a matter of law;

• There is a math error in the assessment;

• Through error or omission by any state or county officer, the taxpayer was not given credit for an exemption or deduction permitted by law.

Information about this appeal, as well as the appeal form, is available at http://www.in.gov/dlgf/2508.htm.

For more information, please see http://www.in.gov/dlgf/2338.htm, or call 317.232.3777.

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