How do I obtain a state tax number to collect sales tax?

Published 04/10/2007 10:29 AM   |    Updated 07/29/2013 10:28 AM

How do I obtain a state tax number to collect sales tax?

Every business selling tangible goods in Indiana will need a Retail Merchant Certificate (application included in BT-1) to buy goods at wholesale prices and collect sales tax on goods sold. The one-time filing fee is $25, and the certificate remains valid as long as ownership and federal identification number remain the same and sales taxes are filed at scheduled times.

You can file the State of Indiana Business Tax Application (Form BT-1) online with the Indiana Department of Revenue to register for sales tax (Retail Merchant's Certificate), withholding tax, corporate tax and other non-property taxes.

You can then manage your Indiana tax obligations all in one convenient place called INtax. The Indiana Tax Center gives you immediate access to file and pay various business tax types, order coupon vouchers, register a new business and much more. To get started, click here.

Contact the Department of Revenue if you have questions.


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