What is the status of the Build Indiana Fund?

Published 01/28/2008 10:54 AM   |    Updated 12/27/2013 02:39 PM

What is the status of the Build Indiana Fund?

Fund as part of the Governor’s Deficit Management Plan from the following projects:  Indiana Technology Fund, 21st Century Research and Technology Fund, Digital Television Conversion for Indiana Public Television stations, Purdue University Nanotechnology building and Higher Education Technology projects.
Although these funds were transferred to the General Fund, the associated projects have never been de-appropriated.  As a result, the Build Indiana fund has insufficient funds to complete the local and state projects approved in prior budgets by the Indiana General Assembly.
Additional details on the history of the Build Indiana Fund can be found at http://www.in.gov/sba/files/LGS_Distribution_Report_2012.pdf

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