Where does ITPC get its funding?

Published 01/03/2008 12:31 PM   |    Updated 05/14/2009 10:19 AM

Where does ITPC get its funding?

Funding to ITPC comes from Indiana‚Äôs portion of the 1998 Master Tobacco Settlement Agreement.  In 1998, 46 states settled with several tobacco companies for misleading marketing claims and loss of life and medical expenses through Medicaid.  Indiana receives $120-150 million each year from the MSA.  In SFY 2008-2009, ITPC received $15 million annually of this funding.  In addition, ITPC receives $1.2 million from the cigarette tax revenue. 


ITPC Annual Reports provide more detail on how the MSA appropriations are allocated. Contact ITPC at 317-234-1787 for more information.


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