What is the Safe Haven law?

Published 11/28/2007 02:01 PM   |    Updated 11/28/2007 02:01 PM

What is the Safe Haven law?

This is a way for a parent to give up a newborn infant legally and confidentially. This offers a mother or father an alternative to abandoning their baby. Abandonment is illegal and as puts the infant in terrible danger, maybe even leading to death. Abandonment has serious consequences both for the baby and for the parents. This law allows the parent leave the baby with an emergency medical professional, no questions asked. They do not have to leave their name but may be asked for basic medical information on the infant. At this point the parent gives up custody of the child.


IC 31-34-2.5-1 through 4 http://www.ai.org/legislative/ic/code/title31/ar34/ch2.5.html


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