What is the difference between IPAS, APS and CPS?

Published 11/09/2007 07:38 AM   |    Updated 04/22/2009 05:25 PM

What is the difference between IPAS, APS and CPS?

IPAS is Indiana Protection and Advocacy Services Commission and is a federally funded and independent state agency separate from all other state agencies and programs. IPAS defends the rights of citizens with different abilities and extends equal opportunity and empowerment to people with disabilities. IPAS does not provide emergency services.

APS is Adult Protective Services; APS investigates reports of abuse, neglect, and exploitation to endangered adults. The Hotline is always available at (1-800-992-6978).  

CPS is Indiana's Child Protective Services; CPS protects Indiana's children from further abuse or neglect and prevents, remedies, or assists in solving problems that may result in abuse, neglect, exploitation, or delinquency of children.

CPS operates a toll-free hotline (1-800-800-5556) for people to call and report suspected cases of child abuse or neglect.

*All persons are required by law to report all cases of suspected Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation to either the nearest APS office, CPS office or to Law Enforcement.

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