How does Indiana Protection and Advocacy Services (IPAS), decide whether or not it will represent me?

Published 11/09/2007 07:22 AM   |    Updated 07/29/2013 11:27 AM

How does Indiana Protection and Advocacy Services (IPAS), decide whether or not it will represent me?

IPAS staff may only provide individual advocacy services to eligible individuals.

Eligibility Criteria

The following procedure has been established to determine client eligibility:

1.   IPAS will provide advocacy services to individuals that are eligible for services based on program guidelines or regulations, and

2.   When the problem is clearly the result of an individual’s disability as defined in federal laws or contracts.

3.   IPAS may not provide advocacy services when the problem involves a client’s statutory right to appointed counsel, e.g., commitment, guardianship or criminal proceedings, unless there are compelling or unique circumstances as determined by the Executive Director or designee.

4.   IPAS does not represent the interests of service providers, family members, guardians, Advocates, or conservators of individuals with disabilities—only our client’s interests. In this regard, IPAS does not represent petitioners regarding guardianship proceedings.

5.   In order to make optimal use of limited resources, IPAS will consider the following factors when making the determination about when to provide individual representation to eligible individuals:

a)   The problem reflects IPAS’ priorities and objectives.

b)   The resolution of the problem requires IPAS assistance.

c)   The individual is not capable of self-advocacy.

d)   No other resources are available to provide assistance or assist the individual with self-advocacy.

e)   There is a reasonable expectation of success on an issue(s) which has/have merit.

f)    There is potential benefit from IPAS involvement and potential for damage to the client or their circumstance(s), if IPAS does not get involved.

g)   There are adequate and necessary resources i.e., time, staff, expertise, etc., to address the issue.

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