How can Indiana Protection and Advocacy Services Commission (IPAS) help?

Published 11/09/2007 07:12 AM   |    Updated 02/11/2011 03:57 PM

How can Indiana Protection and Advocacy Services Commission (IPAS) help?

IPAS can help individuals with disabilities by:

  • Providing information and technical assistance to empower individuals to advocate for their own rights;
  • Investigating, or causing an investigation to take place, concerning reports of abuse or neglect of individuals living in the community, in residential facilities or in correctional facilities;
  • Assisting in securing the appropriate medical, psychiatric or habilitation services;
  • Assisting families in securing the free and appropriate public education services for children with disabilities, to which they are entitled;
  • Helping gain access to public places and governmental buildings;
  • Correcting discrimination when individuals attempt to obtain housing or employment;
  • Empowering individuals to make their own decisions and be fully participating members of their communities;
  • Helping to secure the assistive technology services and devices individuals need to be more independent;
  • Helping to assure that private information is not released without an individual's permission;
  • Helping secure the rights of individuals to make their own choices as they prepare for employment through Vocational Rehabilitation or Ticket to Work training programs;
  • Helping to ensure that voting machines and polling places are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

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