What if I want to amend or create a new law?

Published 08/28/2007 02:32 PM   |    Updated 03/25/2009 04:44 PM

What if I want  to amend or create a new law?

If a citizens wants to amend or create a new law:

Write in your own words what changes you want to see happen. If it relates to an existing law, refer to that law and if possible include the language from the current Indiana Code. You will then create a petition and obtain at least 200 voter signatures.


Find a legislator, a member of either the House of Representatives or Senate, who agrees with you and will be willing to introduce a bill to accomplish what you want done. The legislator will become the sponsor of the bill and introduce the bill in either the House or Senate. He or she will take the idea to the Legislative Services Agency staff to draft a bill in the proper legal language.When you meet with the legislator make sure that you have all the facts, to show why this bill should be passed.


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