How can I get help with burn-out or a substance abuse problem?

Published 10/25/2016 03:41 PM   |    Updated 10/25/2016 05:43 PM
How can I get help with burn-out or a substance abuse problem?

Indiana Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program

Research has shown that lawyers may suffer from substance abuse and depression at a rate higher than the general population. Experience has shown that lawyers may be more reluctant than others to seek help for their own problems. The purpose of JLAP is to provide confidential assistance to judges, lawyers, and law students who may encounter these and other issues that could impair their ability to practice in a professional and competent manner.

All calls to JLAP are confidential.

TOLL FREE: 866-428-5527

Dr. Stephen Curtis

The Indiana Public Defender Council, in conjunction with Performance Psychologist Dr. Stephen Curtis, offers a CLE approved training: “Growing Public Defender Skills and Professional Performance for the 21st Century.”

This is a 2-part program. The first phase helps you understand how your reactions to stressful events impact your confidence and lawyering skills.
Dr. Curtis have significantly improved the performance of athletes, musicians, and business executives who learned and developed a few critical mental skills. Even under adversity and pressure, it is possible to stay mentally agile, make better decisions and create energy, optimism, and enthusiasm.
The second phase of the training consists of two (2) one-on-one, short telephone sessions with Dr. Curtis. Those who successfully complete both phase 1 and phase 2 (4-weeks in duration) will receive the CLE credits and have the tools needed to enhance their performance under stress.

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