What is the difference between a “lead document” and an “attachment” in court e-filing?

Published 06/01/2016 07:46 AM   |    Updated 12/06/2016 10:49 PM

What is the difference between a "lead document" and an "attachment" in court e-filing?

Every submission to a court is a single "envelope" which contains one or more "filings."

Each filing has one filing code that describes the submission (e.g., Motion) and one lead document.

· Note: the filing user must also indicate the related party (the party on whose behalf the document is being submitted) and a filing description.

A filing can have one or more attachments, which are documents that supplement the lead document (e.g., exhibits to a motion, appendices to an appellant's brief).

Proposed orders should be submitted as a separate filing, preferably in the same envelope as its corresponding motion, and should include:

· the proposed order in PDF format as the lead document, and

· the proposed order in Microsoft Word format as an attachment

Note: each document should be submitted only once.

For more information on e-filing in Indiana visit http://www.in.gov/judiciary/4313.htm
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