What are different business structures?

Published 10/05/2015 02:16 PM   |    Updated 10/05/2015 02:19 PM
What are different business structures?

Like your body has a skeleton, every business must have a structure to support it. You must select one of the available four structures that the State of Indiana offers. These include:

· Sole Proprietorship

· Partnership

· B, C, or S Corporation

· Limited Liability Company/ Partnership

The selection of this structure must be made with care, for the structure you choose will determine how much liability you will be exposed to, how much in taxes you may have to pay, how much control of the organization you may have, etc. It is highly recommended that you enlist an attorney to aid you in determining which structure is right for you. Before you form your business, keep in mind the importance of the role a knowledgeable attorney will play.

In summary, the following eight questions need to be answered when picking a legal entity:

1. What is the size of the risk? That is, what is the amount of the investors' liability for debts and taxes?

2. What would the continuity (life) of the firm be if something happened to the principal or principals?

3. What legal structure would insure the greatest adaptability of administration for the firm?

4. What is the influence of applicable laws?

5. What are the possibilities of attracting additional capital?

6. What are the needs for and possibilities of attracting additional expertise?

7. What are the costs and procedures in starting?

8. What is the ultimate goal and purpose of the enterprise, and which legal structure can best serve its purposes?

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