What is the IN-ISAC?

Published 09/24/2015 10:27 AM   |    Updated 09/24/2015 10:27 AM
What is the IN-ISAC?

The Indiana Information Sharing and Analysis Center (IN-ISAC) is an entity being developed by the State of Indiana and key partners to mitigate cybersecurity risks among state agencies and educational entities through the sharing of threat information and collaboration on strategies. It provides real-time network monitoring, vulnerability identification and threat warnings.

The IN-ISAC will reduce the overall cost of cybersecurity through the centralization of resources, leveraging of large-scale purchasing, improved prevention efforts and faster containment of threats.

With partners including Purdue University and leading technology companies, the IN-ISAC will also help educate students, provide hands-on job experience with real threats and cutting-edge technical products and create job opportunities in Indiana.

Nationwide, multiple state ISACs already exist, in addition to Multi-State ISAC- a not-for-profit entity in which all 50 states participate.

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