How do I establish visitation with my children?

Published 03/17/2015 09:23 AM   |    Updated 12/06/2016 10:32 PM
How do I establish visitation with my children?

If paternity has been established, you can petition the courts for an order for parenting time. There are no forms on the Indiana Supreme Court's site to petition for parenting time.

However, you can contact an attorney or follow the guidelines at Indiana Code 31-14-14 to create your own petition to file in your local county court. Indiana Code can be found at

Before making the decision to represent yourself in court, please review the information and videos at to determine if self-representation is right for you, find more information about the court process, and see what will be expected of you if you choose to go to court without an attorneyIf you and the other parent agree on parenting time, you can file an agreed petition to establish parenting time. Being in agreement may significantly shorten the time that you would have to wait for a hearing for the court to approve an order. If you are in agreement about parenting time, you should both sign the petition when it is filed.
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