What is the Office of State-Based Initiatives?

Published 10/03/2013 07:05 AM   |    Updated 10/03/2013 07:05 AM
What is the Office of State-Based Initiatives?
The Office of State-Based Initiatives (OSBI) was enacted by Executive Order 13-20 to promote Hoosier Solutions to Hoosier problems. OSBI reviews grants prior to agency federal application and performs a cost-benefit analysis to determine the long-term State costs. At times, OSBI will recommend to the Governor that the State should say "Thanks, but no thanks" because of the costs associated with the federal grant. OSBI works with agencies to push back against federal control over grant money so agencies may develop and implement Hoosier Solutions instead of Washington, D.C. solutions. OSBI also collaborates with agencies to develop block grant contingency plans to demonstrate how much more effectively agencies could deliver services without onerous federal requirements. Finally, OSBI works with Hoosiers in the private sector to determine what federal regulations are overly burdensome. OSBI then reports to the Governor, Congressional Delegation, and State Legislature the effects federal regulations have on Hoosier employment.
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