How is ECWMD affiliated with the ECI Bankruptcy Trust?

Published 10/02/2013 04:28 PM   |    Updated 10/02/2013 04:28 PM
How is ECWMD affiliated with the ECI Bankruptcy Trust?

Pursuant to a 1989 Bankruptcy Order, a Trust was created to fund certain environmental response actions at the ECI Site and to prepare the site for the CDF construction. The ECWMD is the Trustee of the Trust, but expenditures must be approved by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and, in certain circumstances, by U.S. EPA.

Trust monies have been used to fund ECWMD's local share portion of the CDF construction and operations and maintenance and legal and technical costs related ECWMD's operations.

It is anticipated that the Trust funds may be used to cover post-closure responsibilities for the CDF.

The Trust account status is reported monthly at ECWMD's public board meetings and is part of the State Board of Account's audit process.

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