The email troubleshooting flowchart

Published 08/27/2013 08:44 AM   |    Updated 08/27/2013 09:11 AM

This email troubleshooting flowchart is an example of a helpdesk workflow for identifying and resolving a service desk incident when a user calls in with an email problem.

Although this workflow is specific to an Exchange/Active Directory email  infrastructure, the same process can be  used for any back end email system. Depending on your environment, specific troubleshooting tasks and procedures  may vary but the high level methodology of isolating the problem to identify the root cause remains valid. Through a process of elimination, starting with broad networking questions, followed by a series of focused questions to zero in on the problem, a resolution to most  email related incidents can be achieved during the first call to the service desk, eliminating the need and cost of escalations to Level 2 and beyond.

Beyond email troubleshooting, this workflow can be used for any mobile incident with specific workflows built out for each potential problem area, be it networking, email, security, applications or carrier related incidents.

Having Email Trouble?

Having Email Trouble?
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