What will the user fees be used for?

Published 08/08/2013 12:43 PM   |    Updated 08/08/2013 12:43 PM
What will the user fees be used for?
The fees will be used to fund the operations of the ECWMD; and to manage and supervise, in conjunction with other state and federal authorities, the industrial, commercial, and recreational development of the waterways in East Chicago; to assist other agencies of local, state, and federal governments to manage, maintain, and promote the use of the waterways in the East Chicago; to foster the use of the canal in an environmentally responsible manner; to provide for the orderly planning for waterways; and to plan for, develop, and maintain roads, bridges, approaches, locks, gates, and other structures in connection with a waterway within the jurisdiction of the district consistent with the obligations and jurisdiction of other agencies of the federal or state government. It is the goal of the waterway projects and activities performed under this chapter to improve the commercial and recreational use of waterways in an environmentally sound manner, and to promote the economic development of East Chicago.
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