How is GIS used in Indiana?

Published 07/02/2012 08:30 AM   |    Updated 07/02/2012 08:30 AM

How is GIS used in Indiana?

· To promote economic development

o IndianaMAP is the largest publicly available collection of Indiana geographic information system (GIS) map data. It is made possible by an alliance of partners from federal, state, local organizations and agencies, and universities.

· To understand patterns (tracking the Emerald Ash Borer)

o Developed by DNR, the GIS application displays EAB infestations in relation to geographic features such as rivers, streets, roads and communities. With this tool you can find reported locations of emerald ash borer within the state. The points shown are collected from DNR annual surveys and from the DNR Division of Entomology and Plant Pathology field staff. A live larva must be collected from an ash tree and identified by a trained specialist in order to confirm the presence of EAB at the marked location. The map will be updated on a monthly basis as new locations are identified. The map also indicates which townships and counties are under quarantine.


· To respond to natural disaster.

o Indiana is leading the way in extending the value of its Geographic Information System (GIS) data by setting up a process that collects and aggregates local geospatial data, distributes that data within state government and to the public, and contributes the data to federal data portals. This benefits Hoosiers by saving them substantial tax payer funds by "reusing" the same maps and data many times and benefits others by strengthening our national geospatial data holding.

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