How do I file a Civil Service System complaint with SEAC?

Published 04/04/2012 10:31 AM   |    Updated 04/16/2012 11:41 AM

How do I file a Civil Service System complaint with SEAC?

Complaints are filed with SEAC at Step III under the Civil Service System Act (Act) at the address below. IC 4-15-2.2-42. SEAC cannot give legal advice. However, please click to open the Guide to the SEAC Appeals Process. Links to further Indiana State Personnel Department (SPD) general guidance and complaint forms under the Act can also be found at:

State Employees' Appeals Commission
Indiana Government Center North
Room N501
100 N. Senate Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Telephone - (317) 232-3135
Fax - (317) 233-9372

Complainants/parties are cautioned that there are strict timeliness deadlines to file complaints with the agency (Step I), SPD (Step II) and SEAC (Step III) under the Act. There are also subject matter restrictions in the Act on what claims SEAC may hear as determined case by case by SEAC's ALJs. Failure to follow the Act's timeliness, subject matter and other statutory requirements may result in the dismissal or default of a case. IC 4-15-2.2.

Retaliation against state employees who file SEAC complaints or are called as SEAC witnesses is prohibited. Contact your Agency HR representative or SPD if you think retaliation has occurred.

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