Are there any state laws that pertain to lunch or break issues?

Published 06/27/2007 04:21 PM   |    Updated 12/27/2007 08:32 AM

Are there any state laws that pertain to lunch or break issues?

The State of Indiana has no breaks or lunch laws currently. It is considered a privilege given by the employer. Verification of this information can be obtained by contacting the Indiana Legislative Services at 317-232-9856. There are federal laws on breaks and lunches but not every Indiana company has to abide by them. More information on what the guidelines/restrictions are can be obtained at or by calling US Department of Labor 317-226-6801

If the worker is under age of 18 there is a law that protects child laborers.

NEW STATE LAW effective 7/01 -Child Labor - []

Indiana employer must provide a 30 min. lunch to teens, under the age of 18 who are scheduled to work six or more consecutive hours. The law a break between their third and fifth hour of work. Law exempts camps, health educ., or sectarian related activities, nonprofit entity, farm laborers, domestic srvs, golfcaddies, newspaper carriers, or high school graduates, or teens withdrawn from school. If you have further questions regarding Child Labor law you may call 317-232-2676.

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