Is gold panning allowed on Indiana state forests?

Published 10/27/2009 02:18 PM   |    Updated 10/27/2009 02:18 PM
Is gold panning allowed on Indianastate forests?
Panning for gold is permitted on Morgan-Monroe and Yellowwood State Forests. A gold panning permit is required! The permit, which can be obtained free of charge, allows for panning gold on a hobby basis. The displacement of any material through use of a pick, shovel or sluice is not allowed due to concern for water quality. Archaeological evidence found, such as projectile points, pottery or bones must be reported to the Forest Office to determine if a major archaeological site is in the vicinity. To obtain a permit, visit or call the Yellowwood State Forest Office at (812) 988-7945, or the Morgan-Monroe State Forest Office at (765) 342-4026.
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