For State Employees Only: How do I request service?

Published 06/27/2007 11:23 AM   |    Updated 07/29/2013 10:54 AM

For State Employees Only: How do I request service?

The easiest way to request service is to use the Help Desk Assistant icon on your desktop, which gathers most of the information needed to open a ticket. Always verify the correct address including the building name, room number, and phone number; the more information you include, the quicker the results. Another way to request service is to either call or email IOT Customer Service with the information you can gather from the Help Desk Assistant. If you need service on a printer or another device, always gather the make/model and serial number before calling to speed up the ticketing process.


IOT Customer Service: 317.234.4357 or 800.382.1095 or

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