How do I become an auto dealer?

Published 08/03/2009 08:09 AM   |    Updated 10/14/2015 03:21 PM
How do I become an auto dealer?

To apply for a dealer license, an individual must complete the Application for Dealer Business License - State Form 13215. The form can be found on the Auto Dealer Services Division Website under the Applications tab. This form needs to be filled out in its entirety. This includes having the Zoning Section completed by the local zoning authority for the business location.

There are several additional documents that need to be submitted with the application. A list of these documents can be found in the Applications tab of the Auto Dealer Services Division Website.

Please note, anyone who wishes to become a dealer should review Indiana Code (IC 9-32 and the Indiana Administrative Code (75 IAC which covers the basic requirements for licensed dealers. We are happy to connect you with the laws, rules, and general regulatory information, but please keep in mind there is no substitute for your own research about the industry.

If you have additional questions after reviewing these requirements please call the Secretary of State Dealer Division: (317) 234-7190

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