Why would I want to purchase a long term care policy?

Published 03/30/2009 03:08 PM   |    Updated 05/27/2009 04:35 PM
Why would I want to purchase a long term care policy?

We cannot predict the future - our future medical needs, financial resources, and family support environment. As a population, we are living longer and healthier, but we are aging and disabling accidents can occur at any age. Our ability to perform normal activities of daily living could be hindered due to a medical or mental condition. For the same reasons we purchase auto and home insurance - to help offset the financial risk of a loss - we could purchase a long term care insurance policy. A LTC policy gives you the control over long term care needs and helps protect financial resources. Two types of long term care policies are available in Indiana - traditional policies and Partnership policies. For more information, please visit the Indiana LTC Partnership Program Website: http://www.longtermcareinsurance.in.gov/

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