I have a concern about erosion control. Who do I contact?

Published 03/30/2009 02:57 PM   |    Updated 05/27/2009 04:31 PM
I have a concern about erosion control. Who do I contact?

You have a few options depending on the area of your erosion concern:
• Storm Water
Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Office of Water Quality, Storm Water Group, at (800) 451‐6027 for storm water concerns.
You can also reference the Indiana Storm Water Quality Manual www.in.gov/idem/files/cover_forward_preface.pdf

• Roads
Indiana Department of Transportation
Your first recourse if erosion, sediment migration or similar problems from an INDOT-maintained roadway or project are affecting you, contact the nearest District Office: www.in.gov/indot/3184.htm  Use the postal or phone information provided to contact the appropriate INDOT District personnel. However, an
Environmental Services Permit Supervisor will help when they can. Please call 317-233-5151 for assistance.
• Agriculture
Indiana State Department of Agriculture
101 W. Ohio Street, Suite 1200
Indianapolis, IN 46204
317/232-1362 FAX
Web site: www.in.gov/isda/2328.htm.  The primary focus of the ISDA Division of Soil Conservation is soil erosion and its effects on land productivity. ISDA
employees work to control off-site sedimentation from agricultural land to reduce non‐point source pollution in Indiana's lakes, rivers and streams. ISDA also provides administrative support and training to Indiana's 92 soil and water conservation districts.
To find the location and contact information of your local Soil and Water Conservation District in your area go to:  www.in.gov/isda/2394.htm#

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