What is the National Crime Information Center?

Published 07/23/2008 09:51 AM   |    Updated 07/23/2008 09:51 AM
What is the National Crime Information Center?

The National Crime Information Center (NCIC) 2000 is the System replacing the NCIC System. NCIC 2000 has the same mission and the same basic functionality as NCIC, but also features new capabilities which are described in this operating manual. Just as NCIC, NCIC 2000 is a nationwide, computerized information system established as a service to all criminal justice agencies--local, state, and federal. The goal of NCIC 2000 is to help the criminal justice community perform its duties by providing and maintaining a computerized filing system of accurate and timely documented criminal justice information. For NCIC 2000 purposes, criminal justice information is defined as "information collected by criminal justice agencies that is needed for the performance of their legally authorized, required function. This includes wanted person information; missing person information; unidentified person information; stolen property information; criminal history information; information compiled in the course of investigation of crimes that are known or believed on reasonable grounds to have occurred, including information on identifiable individuals; and information on identifiable individuals compiled in an effort to anticipate, prevent, or monitor possible criminal activity." The NCIC 2000 data bank can best be described as a computerized index of documented criminal justice information concerning crimes and criminals of nationwide interest and a locator file for missing and unidentified persons.

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